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Mike Moore

Executive Director

Mike is our executive director who thrives on being Christ’s hands and feet for the youth of today.  He is uniquely qualified as a past leader and mentor of teenage men in local youth organizations, and a leader of a couples ministry amongst others, who works tirelessly to disciple as many people as possible.  As a proud father of five ranging in age from 28 years down to 9 years old, both boys and girls, he’s also blessed to be married to his best friend Laura Moore.  His priorities have always been God first, family second, love of friends and country and a good provider.  This has enabled him to be passionate about the Vision and Mission of this youth program.  He enjoys spending quality time with family, and many outdoor sports and activities, especially hunting on the ranch.

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Daryl Johnston

Vice President

Daryl Johnston, vice president at Moore Time Ranch, is a man of many passions. Primarily in responding to the calling to help men of any age, find redemption and spiritual growth in the Lord, regardless of their past mistakes.  Over the last two years he has made an impact in Men’s Prison Ministry exemplifying his response to that calling.  Several churches have also benefitted from his coordination and leadership of small group launches. 

As a day job, Daryl has been self employed in the marketing industry for over 28 years.  He is the proud father of Briana and yet still finds time to play outdoors either mountain bike riding or his incessant need to run!

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Alex Doblado

Director of Public Relations

Alex Doblado is head of Public Relations.  He has been with his lovely wife for 20 years and they have 3 children and 1 grandson.  His gift is in Apostolic ministry.  Alex has been involved with church planting and street ministries, along with discipleship mentoring.  His passion is teaching and leading young men into becoming Warriors for the Kingdom of God!

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Jeremy Josey


Jeremy is our Treasurer who cherishes the opportunity to make or contribute to a positive experience for this up and coming generation.  Over the years he has independently and co-lead different youth groups within his local church and is always seeking new ways to enrich the lives of others.  Jeremy is a proud father of three who is happily married to his best friend, Margaret Josey for more than fifteen years.  Jeremy has proudly served in the US Armed Forces keeping with the tradition of his father who proudly passed along his deep patriotism for “Love of Country”.  During his down time he enjoys spending time with family and is always up for anything outdoors.

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