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Our Vision

is to mobilize churches, youth organizations, and foster groups to mentor troubled teen boys, and introduce or re-introduce God into their life to build self-esteem and prepare them for the right of passage into manhood with Christian values and morals.

Our Mission

or goal is to develop and empower young men to know what their value in life is and have a clear understanding of "who they want to be in Christ" in todays world.

Our Creed

First, remaining faithful to my GOD! Never underestimate the power of FAMILY! 

Refusing to neglect a devoted FRIEND but, always be mindful of self-preservation. 

I WILL deal with life’s road bumps when in front of me and CONQUER them! 

Approach all challenges with optimism, not doubt! 

I will ALWAYS remain positive and have a high self-esteem and begin with looking in the mirror at the man “I WANT TO BE!”

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