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It all started


a few years back in 2014,  I was blessed with the opportunity to MENTOR

16, 17, and 18 year old boys in a local church. While there are many assumptions with

the old saying “Boys will be Boys”, ....... Not all of these boys had NORMAL LIVES,

PERFECT situations, the ULTIMATE PARENTS or the PERFECT HOME atmosphere,

in fact, quite the opposite.


As with most of the youth today, some had struggles with ACCEPTANCE in

society, LOSS of a PARENT, SINGLE parent homes or none of these and GREAT

PARENTS, but somehow had LOST THEIR WAY.


Over the next two years my best friend Jeremy and I spent time mentoring,

tutoring, befriending and BUYING IN to these young men’s lives. Right away it was

clear that we were the ones truly being blessed by the opportunity to share CHRIST with


Sometimes the issues were minor dealing with life at home or school not going

easily. And then there were those that went much deeper, as deep as one can imagine.

There were times when struggles would escalate to the point of wondering whether or

not being alive was worth it.

I’ve dealt with struggles having 5 kids of my own with a few teenagers.

Fortunately I have been very blessed with my children and have learned from each of

them, but this was different. These were God’s children and I had not raised them in

their younger years so I didn’t know their history. Yet I felt called by GOD to pour into

their lives sharing the love of Christ with no idea how they would respond or if they

would even accept and receive HIS love. It was a learning experience for all involved.

Each week as we prepared to spend time with them, pray with them, and try to

counsel and guide them, we grew closer to God, closer to them and knew our

purpose was to impact Christ Kingdom, one young man at a time.

Over the years, many of the young men have done very well for

themselves, but three in particular come to mind. Three that had different struggles

from different backgrounds, but one common core. They now understand and know the

love of Christ and hopefully had learned that by Christ working through simple-minded

men like Jeremy and I, to have an impact in their lives forever. Look for some of their testimonies on this site in the coming months, and how

their lives have been changed by simple Men, simply loving them, and showing Christ


Having been heavily involved in other areas of the church after a few years, I

decided to move on to a few different ministries like security, leading couples life

groups, a finance committee and more. But it somehow seemed to constantly lack the

joy of hoping we had an impact in some of these young men’s lives. The proof of God’s

miracles was when young men continued to follow up with us long after we stopped

counseling in the church.

They wanted us to be involved in their lives and wanted us to continue to be

friends with them.

The Gap became so huge in my heart that one day in September of 2017, I felt

Christ tug on my heart once again, more than ever before. It was a clear-cut vision of

what my legacy was supposed to be. Other than trying to be a great husband, awesome

father, and spiritual leader of my own personal family, He was calling me back into a

different type of ministry, the ministry of leading young men. So moving forward, we

are excited to be taking groups of young men in the future through our program.

Our mission, vision and Creed are here for your review.

The call to lead them, was so strong, that after chatting with my wife one day, I

took a leap of faith and purchased some property. The property we acquired grew

from 43 acres to 70 acres in a matter of months. Each time taking a huge leap of faith

when we should never have been approved for the loan, and knowing God’s hand was

involved to make that happen. Finally GOD put in my heart that we were to mentor to

these young men at a ranch called “The Moore Time Ranch” and a program

designed for “Teaching Troubled Teens.”

I sincerely hope and pray you’ll consider praying for us and these young men, the staff,

the mentors and everyone involved to help us to change the Youth of America, one

young man at a time. Any prayers and donations would be greatly

appreciated to benefit our program and the youth of America and more

importantly, our local communities today.

Please stay tuned for what God has in store for these young men moving forward, and I

praise God daily for allowing me to be any small part of helping these young men to join

Christ Kingdom, or reinvigorate a walk they once had.

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